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Fedrs is a company promoting the most popular contemporary nicotine replacement method without the use of electronics, combustion, smoke or steam. We create nicotine pouches based on premium nicotine and cellulose. Our products don’t contain tobacco, resins, systemic poisons, carcinogens and mutagenic substances. Products by Fedrs are fully legal for sale in the EU and have all the relevant certificates.

All Vacancies

1Sales Manager

You will

Pro-actively search for new business opportunities world wide
Reach out to customer leads through cold calling
Increase Sales and Achieve planned B2B sales targets
Develop long term relationships with potential and existing customers
Handle order managment and invoicing
Share success stories with the team and search for support when needed

An ideal candidate

Thirsty for success!
Hungry for growth!
Striving for more!
You will also for sure need to freely speak English and any additional language will make your journey to world domination much easier

What we offer ...

... is what you deserve!
You will always be rewarded accoring to your achievements.
We are not looking for a specialist, we are eventually looking for a partner.

- Filling the pages of several brands in instagram in English
- Selection of publics for advertising
- Search for influencers and agreements on cooperation (instagram / youtube / tik-tok)
- Selection of blogs and online media, cooperation agreements
- Analytics of the consequences of the work done
- Finding new ways to promote customer brands
We do not work on the territory of Russia, all work is carried out on the territory of the EU countries.
3Internet Marketing Manager
- Seo site optimization
- external optimization
- contextual advertising in Google Adwords
- competent management of the effectiveness of advertising campaigns: optimization, increasing CTR, reducing the cost of a click by analyzing competitors and improving the quality of ads.
- Working with trading platforms: Instagram-shop, Facebook-shop
- successful work with automated advertising systems
- targeted advertising on social networks;
- work with exchanges of links / articles
- email marketing, partner platforms. Target requirements: Constructiveness and accountability, higher education or courses in marketing, targeted advertising, SMM requirements: Knowledge of English, Creating a plan for a month plan for maintaining Instagram abroad will be an advantage;
experience in maintaining commercial accounts on Instagram;
confident possession of Excel, Knowledge of Office, Power Point, Photoshop (will be an advantage);
the ability to use mobile applications for editing video, photos, story templates;
oral and written literacy, sense of style, attentiveness, proactivity.
4IT manager
Development of Website optimization (SEO, Animation, layout)
Web master
Development in cms Wordpress
Layout: Html, CSS, PHP
Animation (Optimization): jquery
javascript "