STRIPE Red Mix Bundle

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All Stripe Red line-up.

Flavour: various

Strength: 40 mg/g, 20 mg/p

Quantity: 20 pouches

Weight: 10 g

Format: slim

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Aaaaall at once! This Stripe selection of five unique products and characters offers you a chance to explore new flavour combinations and discover what Stripe is exactly about. Whether you're looking for something refreshing and cooling, sweet and berry, or summer and juicy, our Mix Stripe Red bundle has got you covered. Stripe Blizzard — your new mint Stripe Summer vibe — fruit cream Stripe Frosty vine — grape, mint Stripe Citrus cloud — orange, ice cream Stripe Sugar pine — pine, wild herbs Nicotine strength: 20 mg/p Enjoy to the fullest. ART. JOY. STRIPE More STRIPE products