ICE COOL Winter Jelly 5

6.15 $

Taste the magic with sourish wild strawberries and cooling frost.

Flavour: strawberry jelly

Strength: 30 mg/g, 15 mg/p

Quantity: 20 pouches

Weight: 10 g

Format: slim

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Are you tired of the weather getting hotter and hotter every day? Frosty mint, pine, juniper and wild berries — that’s all you need to escape the summer heat. This flavour lets you try the taste of magic — it is jelly candy made with rich and sourish wild strawberries as well as the hint of cooling frost. Mmm jelly… Something sweet and tasty — delicious berry jam from your childhood. Are you ready to enjoy nostalgia and refreshment at the same time? ICE COOL Winter Jelly is a taste sweet tooths will especially enjoy! More products