ICE COOL Spearmint 5


Famous taste of the legendary chewing gum.

Flavour: spearmint

Strength: 30 mg/g, 15 mg/p

Quantity: 20 pouches

Weight: 10 g

Format: slim

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Are you an avid fan of bold solutions and outstanding enjoyment? ICE COOL Spearmint 5 Classic Strong comes in a refreshing mint flavour. It's a combination of sweet mint with floral and peppery notes and cool menthol. This flavour should appeal to avid lovers of bold solutions and is destined for extraordinary pleasure by combining sweet mint with floral and peppery undertones with cool menthol. By utilising a combination of spearmint, peppermint and traditional menthol you'll experience a sweet and cool breath with a layered taste. This refreshing take on a traditional spearmint flavour is evocative of the ever-popular round mints. Finally, a forceful, sweet, and aromatic spearmint impact with a cool ice finish. More Products