ICE COOL Citrus 5


Megamix of lemon and lime flavours.

Flavour: lemon, lime

Strength: 30 mg/g, 15 mg/p

Quantity: 20 pouches

Weight: 10 g

Format: slim

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ICE COOL Citrus 5 gives your mouth a fruity explosion providing juicy lemon and lime shades. It consists of a sparkling tone of orange, playfully flowing into the rich taste of citrus mix and blends a refreshing fusion of tropical fruits that will help you to feel the atmosphere of vacation anywhere and at any time you want. With each pouch, that sour candy note clings to your sweet tooth right up until the next draw. This wonderfully smooth flavour is reminiscent of an ice cold orange drink! Orange soda is one of the most popular types of soda in the world, and it delivers well with fresh, sweet, and zesty flavours! More Products