ICE COOL Banana Hard


Sweety banana drive.

Flavour: banana

Strength: 65 mg/g, 33 mg/p

Quantity: 20 pouches

Weight: 10 g

Format: slim

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ICE COOL Bandana Hard Banana is a blast for extreme lovers, created on a powerful fruity base that will bring you to the hot tropics! Banana-flavoured pouches are delicious on their own or coupled with other tastes, providing the tropical sweetness you'd expect. It has a multifaceted taste, enveloped in a wonderful aroma. Such a fusion can be called a truly magnificent combination — it’s a work of art. Enjoy the mild fruity flavour! The sweet and delicate banana flavour offers you a creamy sweet taste so close to the iconic candy flavour you will think you’re eating them. More Products