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The Most Popular Flavors of Nicotine Pouches Without Tobacco in 2023

The Most Popular Flavors of Nicotine Pouches in 2023

As the world of nicotine pouches continues to evolve, so do the flavors and options available to consumers. In 2023, a variety of innovative and enticing […]
Snus co to?

Snus, what is it?

Contents Snus is a nicotine consumption product that enjoys popularity in some countries, especially in Scandinavia. It is a powder or paste typically packaged in small […]
Is Snus Legal in the UK?

Is Snus Legal in the UK?

Snus, a traditional Scandinavian smokeless tobacco product, has become a subject of debate regarding its legality in the United Kingdom. Despite its popularity outside Scandinavia, the […]
Snus Corona

Coronavirus and nicotine

Europe’s largest network of hospitals, AP-HP, which unites hospitals in Paris and the metropolitan area. However it has reported strange statistics on new coronavirus infections. Among […]

Useful properties of nicotine against Parkinson’s disease

Parkinsonism is another ailment of “prosperous old people” that is swiftly taking over developed countries. In this case, motor function is exposed to neurodegenerative effects. No […]

Medical nicotine as a cure for Alzheimer’s

At the end of the 60s of the last century, the US government noted that the life expectancy of citizens of the country increases negligibly compared […]
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Is nicotine useful and what exactly is the benefit of nicotine?

The other side of the medical nicotine coin, regarding the need for its use in treating diseases and industry. Opinions of specialists… At the end of […]
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What is the use of nicotine for the human body?

Is nicotine only harmful or can it also be beneficial? What is the positive effect of nicotine on the human body? Nicotine and human body. Remember […]
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FEDRS — an innovative way of quitting nicotine addiction

FEDRS tobacco-free nicotine pouches are the best* alternative to smoking.* the best = smarter, discreet and more convenient way of consuming nicotine than smoking. FEDRS is […]